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"...a timely epistle to the American church." 

 “Masterfully integrating biblical analysis and his captivating personal story, Joshua Sherif’s The Stranger at Our Shore reads like a timely epistle to the American church…”

            -Matthew Soerens, World Relief, US Director of Church Mobilization and Advocacy

The Stranger at Our Shore is a must-read. Both by his miraculous testimony and his years spent pastoring a church speaking 20+ languages in one of America's most diverse neighborhoods, Joshua Sherif is the right person to grow the Church on this topic.


JOSHUA SHERIF was born in Egypt to a Muslim family and immigrated to the United States, where he later came to faith in Jesus. For the past decade, he planted and pastored in Albany Park, Chicago, one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the country with a congregation representing 30+ nationalities, speaking 20+ languages. Josh has enjoyed his years equipping and coaching other missionaries and pastors around the world. His story was featured in Love Costs Everything, a documentary produced by CIY and Voice of the Martyrs, concerning Christian persecution. Josh and his wife Gina have three children and reside in Chicago today.

SARAH LEW TIERNEY is a Canadian-American who spent her childhood in the mountains of Eastern Congo (DRC). Due to political unrest, her family later moved to Illinois where she met and married her high school sweetheart. Sarah and her husband Jake have two children and currently reside in the Midwest, where Sarah is a therapist by day in her private practice…and a writer by night in her kitchen! Her writing includes fiction, nonfiction, and many personalized birthday songs for friends and family.  She especially loves to collaborate with other writers and enjoyed teaming up for The Stranger at Our Shore with her friend, Joshua Sherif. You can find her posting therapy thoughts on Instagram and very rarely blogging on this website!

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